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Are Capacitive Membrane Switches worth buying?

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Why are capacitive switches so popular? What are the characteristics of capacitive switches? How do we choose good quality capacitive film switchs?

l  What is the construction of capacitive switches?

l  What are the advantages of capacitive switches?

l  How to select capacitive film switch

capacitive switches

What is the construction of capacitive switches?

Although there are different types, capacitive switches typically feature multiple layers. Their top layer is called an overlay. Overlays feature graphics, embossing, paints and other decorations. In the center of the capacitor switch is the circuit. capacitive switches can be conventional printed circuit boards (PCBS) or flexible printed circuits (FPCS). Behind the circuit is the backstop. The liner is the last layer. Some capacitive switches have adhesive backs, while others have plain backs without any adhesive.

What are the advantages of capacitive switches?

1. capacitive film switch with metal dome and no embossing design, button life can reach millions of times. It usually lasts 3-5 years. Mechanical switches cannot meet these requirements.

2. capacitive film switch is a style of HMI, users can intuitively see your product LOGO and brand through HMI. At this point, the mechanical switch cannot be satisfied. A good brand and LOGO can bring a lot of potential profits to the company and increase the company's competitiveness in the market.

3. Compared with mechanical switches, capacitive film switches have no noise pollution. The main reason is that it is free of shrapnel and collisions. Meet the user's requirement of no noise.

4. In a dark kitchen or hall, backlit capacitive film switches can improve user concentration and reduce operational errors.

How to select capacitive film switch

1. Good appearance: The surface of the film made of the panel is smooth and consistent, without mechanical damage, scratches, inclusions, stains and other surface defects.

2. Membrane switches have better chemical resistance: The panel layer may be exposed to different chemicals, but should have some resistance to most common chemicals such as alcohols, ethers, mineral oils, etc.

3. Membrane switch weather resistance is good: the panel layer is the surface layer of the membrane panel exposed to the natural environment, the panel material must be able to withstand certain natural environmental conditions without deformation, cracking, aging, discoloration.

4. Good stability of membrane switch size: membrane plate required to make the membrane plate in a certain temperature range (generally -40℃~ 55℃) no significant change in size.

5. Elastic requirements: the panel layer is required to have a certain resilience. At the same time, the elastic deformation of the membrane plate is small, which can be judged by the elongation of the material. Generally speaking, if the elongation is large, the elastic deformation is also large, and the resilience is poor.

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