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GE Energy PCB Membrane Switch

ISO9001 certified factory customize different kinds of PCB circuit membrane switches membrane keypads
Dimension: 8.539" x 7.145";
Cable Length: 2" FPC;
Overlay Material: Autoflex EBA180;
Spacer Adhesives: 3M7961MP;
Back Adhesive: 3M467MP;
Circuit Layer: double sided PCB;
Connector: 0.5mm pitch PCB SMT ZIF connector on back side of PCB;
  • LTMS0271

  • GE

  • 8536500090


GE Energy PCB Membrane Switch Membrane Keypad Spec.:PCB Pocket Membrane Switch

Outshape Dimension: 8.539" x 7.145";
Cable Length: 2" polymid FPC;
Overlay Material: Autoflex EBA180 polyester;
Spacer Adhesives: 3M7961MP;
Rear Adhesive: 3M467MP;
Circuit Layer: 2 layers rigid PCB;

Connector: 0.5mm pitch PCB SMT ZIF connector on back side of PCB;

FPC cable insert into the SMD connector;

Pocket Structure: display window can insert in changeable labels;

LEDs: 17pcs red/green bicolor Kingbright APHBM2012SURKCGKC;

Resistors: 34pcs 120ohm;

Buttons: 19pcs embossed buttons with 19pcs tactile metal domes;

PCB Specification:

Layers: 2;

Copper: 0.5Oz;

Surface Finishing: gold plating;

Soldering Mask: two sides green;

Flying probe testing;

Components Assembly: LEDs, resistors, connector assembly;LTMS0271-4

GE Energy is world famous company and they have many devices or equipments need use the membrane switches, membrane keypads, silicone rubber keypads, touchscreens parts. LuphiTouch is just such kind of supplier can meet their needs for these parts. LuphiTouch passed ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and ISO45001 systems, can customize different kinds of HMI keypads, provide keypad backlighting solution etc. services. LuphiTouch has cooperated with Europe nd America customers many years and deeply know their business processes and quality requirements. LuphiTouch is a very trustful partner for you!

FAQ: What kind of membrane switches can you manufacture?

Answer: We can manufacture PCB membrane switches, FPC membrane switches, capacitive membrane switches, rubber keypad switches, super big size membrane switches, LGF backlighting membrane switches, LED backlighting membrane switches, El backlighting membrane switches, fiber backlighting membrane switches, medical anti-microbial membrane switches, optical bonding membrane switches, outdoor UV-resistant and waterproof membrane switches, backpanel membrane switches etc.

FAQ: Can you provide design service for customers?

Answer: Yes, we can provide design service. 

FAQ: Can you provide software development for membrane switch modules?

Answer: For membrane switch modules, we can provide single-chip software development service. But we only develop the software for the membrane switch module itself, not for customer end device. Our software is mainly for communication between the membrane switch module and customer's main control board. 

PCB membrane switch rubber switch

80% customers of LuphiTouch are from USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Newzealand etc. countries and areas. We've established good cooperation relations with them already.

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