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LEDs Embedded Waterproof Membrane Switch

Waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant, outdoor using membrane switches, membrane keypads 
with Autotex XE series PET graphic overlay and gasket structure.
Overlay Material: Autotex F150;
Circuit: silver printed PET;
LEDs: asembled on PET by SMT technology;
Waterproof Gasket: IP65/IP67/NEMA-4;
Rohs and Reach compliance;
  • DSC1322

  • LuphiTouch

  • 8536500090

  • Support customization

  • screen printing

  • ISO9001:2015

  • PC/PET/PVC/Acrylic/Anti static

  • Support customization

  • Support customization

  • IP65-IP67


Introduction of LuphiTouch's LEDs Embedded Waterproof Membrane Switch LEDs embedded waterproof membrane switch

Certifications: RoHS, Reach, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO45001;

Size: can customize any shape;

Waterproof Gasket: meet IP65/NEMA-4;

Raw Materials: Autotex XE Polyester, 3M adhesives;

Buttons: tactile, non-tactile, embossing, flat, Polydome etc.

Buttons Life: 1000000 times above;

Characters and Advantages of LuphiTouch's LEDs Embedded Waterproof Membrane Switch:

High quality, competitive prices;

Reliable and easy to clean;

Thin and flexible;

Waterproof and UV-resistant;

Multi-colors screen printed;

Support digital printing(with color gradient);DSC1322-2

Engineering design service support;

100% full function testing;

Accept frame order;

10000 class production clean room and 1000 class precision electronics assembly room;

Life testing, function testing, high-temp testing, low-temp testing, salty spraying test;

For the wet environment, outdoor under sunshine UV and bad weather of rain, boat sailing on the sea, etc. applications, a waterproof and anti-UV membrane switch is necessary for product reliability.

LuphiTouch's skillful workers, advanced manufacturing machines, reliability testing equipments, clean production environment can guarantee the quality of our manufactured membrane switches and keypads.

LUPHITOUCH Membrane Switches Used Materials

80% customers of LuphiTouch are from USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Newzealand etc. countries and areas. We've established good cooperation relations with them already.

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