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Locator FPC Membrane Switch

LTMS0226 membrane switch keypad is customized for Maggie maganetic locator.
Overlay Material: Autoflex EBA180;
Back Adhesive: 3M468MP;
Circuit Layer: Double sided FPC;
Buttons: 4pcs embossed buttons with 4pcs tactile metal domes;
Anti-Newton rings dots printed on back side of display window:
Application: maganetic locator;
  • LTMS0226

  • Maggie

  • 8536500090

  • Support customization

  • screen printing

  • ISO9001:2015

  • PC/PET/PVC/Acrylic/Anti static

  • Support customization

  • Support customization

  • IP65-IP67


Maggie Magnetic Locator FPC Membrane Switch Keypad Specification:Locator membrane switch

Outshape Dimension: 110.49 x 69.85mm;

Overlay Material: Autoflex EBA180 polyester;

Rear Adhesive: 3M468MP;
Circuit Layer: 2 layers polymide FPC;
Keys: 4pcs embossed keys with 4pcs tactile metal domes;

Anti-Newton rings dots printed on back side of display window;

Connector: 7-PIN single row header;

Application: Maggie maganetic locator;

FPC's advantages in membrane swicthes:

1) FPC's conductive material is copper, so its max loop impedance is much lower than silver printed PET circuit;

2) Still due to the main material for FPCis coper, so its reliability and stability are much better then PET circuit;

3) It has very good corrosion-resistance capability;

4) It has more longer life than PET circuit;

5) By double sided FPC circuit or even multi-layer FPC circuit can easily design the circuit trace layout. If by PET circuit, then need use through hole technology and its stability and production yield rate will be very low;

6) The FPC circuit is more suitable for more electronic components assembly than PET circuit;

FPC membrane switchRFQ: What are your common used overlay materials for membrane switches? 

Answer: Our common used overlay materials are Autotex PET, Tekra PET and Sabic PC;

FAQ: What are your common used adhesives for your produced membrane switches? 

Answer: We mainly use 3M adhesives for our manufactured membrane switches, like 3M200MP, 300MP etc.

FAQ: Does your company have capability to design Gerber file?

Answer: Yes, we can. Our electronic engineers can design curcuit drawing and Gerber file as per the schematic diagram provided by customer.

FAQ: Will you provide function testing service before the shipment?

Answer: Yes, we will. Frankly speaking, the function to membrane switch is very important. If no function then no matter how nice of the product be looked like, it will be no sense. In LuphiTouch® we must make 100% full electrical function testing twice. When the membrane switch is just a semi-finished status we make the first circuit function testing and then make second function function testing after the product be finished assembly. 

FAQ: Can you accept to sign NDA before cooperation?

Answer: Yes, we can. Frankly speaking, keep business trustful and keep business secret are the most basic business ethics. We value our business reputation like our lives. Keep customer's business secret not be disclosed to the third paty is our professional integrity.

FAQ: Can you provide sub-contract manufacturing service to overseas counterparts?

Answer: Yes, we can. We can work as the offshore manufacturing partner to undertake their sub-contract orders. Providing offshore subcontract manufacturing service to our overseas counterparts. Providing good quality products with reasonable prices.

LTMS0226-4 LTMS0226-1Locator Application Photo

80% customers of LuphiTouch are from USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Newzealand etc. countries and areas. We've established good cooperation relations with them already.

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