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Membrane switch production engineering

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Membrane switch production engineering

Hello, everyone. I'm Larry, LuPhi Electronic engineer.

Now let's introduce the production of membrane switch,

This is a rendering.

We get emails from customers,

The customer want us to do a rendering,

We're going to make a drawing that looks something like this,

The first drawing is a front and back picture of a product.

The second drawing is a color diagram of a product.

There's also a convex drawing,

On the third page, I'll do a circuit drawing,

This is the LGF drawing,

This is the size of a panel,

This is a diagram of the whole switch structure,

And then after the drawings are done,

We will send it to the customer for confirmation,

After the customer has confirmed the drawing,

We arranged to make the sample.

Membrane switch production engineering

If you make a sample,

We will make data according to the drawings confirmed by the customer.

The panel we're going to do film, and then we're going to do color separation,

Each layer of color is a film,

There are many layers depending on the color of each one,

And then I'll make a mold drawing,

Because this panel is convex,

And then we'll make a schematic of the circuit,

And an outgoing blueprint for a light guide plate,

There's also a diagram of various molds,

And when you're done,

We'll make a proof sheet,

Send it to the sampling department to make samples.

The proof sheet and I'll tell you about it,

This is a material BOM,

All the materials for the whole switch are right here,

This is a component,

All the components are here,

This is a mold sheet,

All the molds are here,

This is a switching flow process,

This is the flow of the panel,

This is the flow of the light guide plate,

This is the flow of the lower line,

This is a sequence of all the separations of a print.

After the sample is finished,

Like the finished product in my hand,

This is a front view,

This is heads and this is true,

And then this is the tails,

And the back is going to match up with this,

A rendering of the product,

The actual drawing of a product we made,

They all correspond to each other.

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