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OneBreath Ventilator LGF Backlighting Membrane Switch

LTMS0178 is a kind of LGF backlighting membrane switch used for OneBreath ventilators.
ISO9001/ISO13485/ISO14001/ISO45001 certified factory;
Autotex F200 overlay material  /  3M467 back adhesive;
Polymide FPC circuit with round embossed tactile buttons;
RoHS and Reach compliance;
  • LTMS0178

  • LuphiTouch

  • 8536500090

  • Support customization

  • screen printing

  • ISO9001:2015

  • PC/PET/PVC/Acrylic/Anti static

  • Support customization

  • Support customization

  • IP65-IP67


Backlighting Membrane Switch means that the keypad can have light through it. The Logo, button rings,OneBreath Ventilator LGF Backlighting Membrane Switch LTMS0178-11 symbols etc. can be backlighted. There will be a light source from the backside of the keypad to light the graphic overlay and provide the signal information to users or when the product used in the night or dark environment it can light the graphic and make the users or workers make buttons press operation correctly and avoid any wrong operations.

OneBreath Ventilator LGF Backlighting Membrane Switches LTMS0178: 

LTMS0178 LGF backlighting membrane switch is designed for OneBreath ventilators;

Rohs and Reach compliance;

Backlighting: LGF backlighting technology;

Polymide FPC circuit layer;

Raw Materials: Autotex Polyester, 3M467 adhesives;

Buttons: round embossed with tactile metal domes;

Buttons Life: more than 1million times;

OneBreath Ventilator LGF Backlighting Membrane Switch LTMS0178-22

Characters and Advantages of LuphiTouch's LGF Backlighting Membrane Switches:

Competitive prices;

High quality and reliability;

Skillful workers with rich experiences;

LGF backlighting and easy-clean surface;

Multi-colors screen printing on top surface overlay;

Support digital printing(with color gradient);

Providing engineering design service;

100% full appearance inspection and function testing;

Accept frame orders; 

The LGF backlighting solution is the current most popular backlighting technology. LGF is a light guide film. LGF itself is not a light source. It couldn't produce the light. It still needs the LEDs assembled on the circuit layer to produce the light source. But LGF can guide the light from the LEDs to the top overlay evenly. For this backlighting keypad, it can save the LEDs quantity and it also can get an even backlighting effect with fewer LEDs. But in this way, the difficulty is adjusting the refraction dots on the LGF layer. Adjust the direction of dots, density, position, etc. And its tool fees is also not cheap.

LGF Backlighting Membrane Switch 02-3

80% customers of LuphiTouch are from USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Newzealand etc. countries and areas. We've established good cooperation relations with them already.

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