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PCB Rubber Keypad Switch

LuphiTouch® customs dfernt types of silicone rubber keypad switches with high quality!
Translucent silicone material;
Spray and print;
Laser etching LED windows to silicone color;
Keys top surface with epoxy dispensing;
Hotbar heatsealing FPC cable to PCB;
Rohs and Reach compliance;
  • 1R8A4028

  • LuphiTouch

  • 8536500090

  • Support customization

  • screen printing

  • ISO9001:2015

  • PC/PET/PVC/Acrylic/Anti static

  • Support customization

  • Support customization

  • IP65-IP67


PCB Rubber Keypad Switch Specification: 1R8A4028-2

65° translucent silicone material;
Spraying grey, printing black leters, whole surface with clear UV-resistant oil coating surface treatment;
Laser etching LED windows to silicone color;
Keys top surface with soft epoxy dispensing;

Hotbar assembly FPC cable to backside of PCB circuit;

1.0mm pitch ZIF connector;

Rohs and Reach compliance;

1R8A4028-3The rubber keypad switch consists of silicone rubber keypad and membrane switch. Then it has all advantages of both rubber keypad and membrane switch. The rubber switches are widely used on experiment instruments and testing equipments and other tools for Automotive, aerospace, defence, marine, industrial control, medical etc. fields.

Rubber keypads can be molded to different shapes with different base thickness and buttons height. The customer can select the silicone's hardness as per their needs. Most of time the common selected hardness of the silicone is 50-65°. Of course if you want your keypad be more harder, then you can select 70°, 75° or even 80° silicone raw material. Inverse you can select 45°, 40° or even 30° soft silicone raw material. The button's color can be sprayed and printed, and also use second-molding technolgy to mold the color keys.

LuphiTouch® has very strong engineering team and mature manufacturing technology to design or customize high quality rubber keypad switches with very competitive prices. We are ISO9001/14001/13485/45001 certified. All of our products are Rohs and Reach compliance!

Contact us now for your rubber keypad switches needs!We are ready to provide one-stop service to you and your projects!

Customs rbber switches

80% customers of LuphiTouch are from USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Newzealand etc. countries and areas. We've established good cooperation relations with them already.

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