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What are the advantages of Capacitive Membrane Switches

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capacitive film switch has always been a popular product. Why does capacitive film switch stand out from other similar products? What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

l  What is a capacitive film switch?

l  What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

l  What are the benefits of capacitive film switches?

Capacitive Membrane Switches

What is a capacitive film switch?

capacitive film switch is a switch that uses capacitance technology to change the direction of the circuit. Capacitive technology refers to the use of a uniform electrostatic field to detect touch. The capacitive switch will generate a uniform electrostatic field while measuring its variation. When you touch the key on the capacitor switch or any conductive object with your finger, the electrostatic field changes. The capacitor switch will then respond to turn the circuit on or off.

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

1. Capacitive switching technology is based on the principle of signal detection by identifying the generated input pulses through capacitive or resistive coupling (human contact).

2. Touch surfaces can be designed for almost any medium material, including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, or any rough or smooth surface less than 25mm thick. The sensitivity is adjustable, allowing the operator to operate the device with or without gloves. With no moving parts, capacitive switches are rated to operate for more than 5 million cycles.

3. Capacitive switching technology provides a cost-effective design solution for other switching technologies. The open architecture allows easy integration or adaptation to a wide range of switching applications.

4. Capacitive switching technology senses the touch of a finger and generates an electric charge to activate the switch. The automatic calibration function ensures the sensor ADAPTS to the changing external environment.

What are the benefits of capacitive film switches?

1. The capacitor switch can be activated with a touch of your finger, making it very easy to use

2. Adjustable sensitivity sensor ADAPTS to external environment

3. Easy positioning or on/off indication is possible via stand-alone or output image LED features

4. Easy to clean because the switch is impermeable to dust and dirt and resistant to strong chemicals and contaminants

5.50 million cycles and no moving mechanical parts make the capacitive film switches robust and durable

6. Can be instantaneously or locked, with or without lighting

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