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What are the applications of capacitive membrane switches

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Do you know why capacitive membrane switches can be popular? What is the difference between capacitive film switches and conventional switches? What are the functions and applications of capacitive film switches?

l  What is the function of capacitive film switch?

l  What are the applications of capacitive film switches?

l  What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

Capacitive Membrane Switches

What is the function of capacitive film switch?

The combined structure of capacitive membrane switch is divided into three parts, one is flexible membrane switch, one is capacitive touch screen, and the other is PCB electronic board, which can be combined into a complete capacitive switch. The flexible film switch is generally made of PET or PC film, because both have good soft performance, stable structure of the switch, good feel, mainly high transparency, will not affect the user to view the information on the display screen. Capacitive touch screens work by sensing electrical currents in the body. Its structure is four layers of composite glass screen. The inner surface and interlayer are coated with one layer of ITO, and the interlayer is used as the working face. Four electrodes. The PCB electronic board plays a major role in the product, connecting the current, connecting the circuit, transmitting signals, and also controlling the resistance, voltage, and current of the product.

What are the applications of capacitive film switches?

1. What makes capacitive switches better than other switches? First, capacitive switches have no mechanical components, so they last longer than mechanical switches. In addition, capacitive switches can withstand some of the harshest environments, including outdoor environments. If dirt, dust, or moisture intrusion is a problem, capacitive switches may be the best option. The key thing to remember about capacitive switches is that they require direct contact with a conductive object to operate. This is why using a stylus usually doesn't work (unless it's a capacitive stylus).

2. capacitive switches can also be used in a wide range of applications including vending machines, smartphones, tablets, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), industrial controls, appliances, infotainment centers and more. In addition, they support the integration of other features, such as light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting.

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

1. Since most capacitive membrane switches are of four-layer construction, the material cost will be lower than six-layer membrane switches. At the same time, the shrapnel-free design can also reduce the material cost and labor cost.

2. The collision-free capacitive film switch button can easily have a lifetime of up to a million times, compared to a million times for most metal domes.

3. capacitive film switches can be made in the form of backlighting at a lower cost

4. The capacitive film switch has no metal dome and uses a flat panel design. Installing a backlight is easier to light than installing a metal dome membrane switch, and the brightness is more uniform.

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