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What are the characteristics of Capacitive Membrane Switches

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capacitive film switches have been popular since they were invented. What are the advantages of capacitive film switches? What is the material of capacitor film switch?

l  What is the material of capacitive film switch?

l  What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

l  What are the design trends of capacitive film switches?

Capacitive Membrane Switches

What is the material of capacitive film switch?

1. Panels can be selected from PET materials such as AUTOTYPE and PC materials such as GE. This material is more resistant to chemicals. The panel material can also choose antibacterial materials to antibacterial, widely used in laboratories and hospitals. The panels can also be selected from UV-resistant materials so that capacitive film switches can also be used outdoors without aging easily.

2. Anti-static and capacitive film switch are used in combination to prevent electrostatic damage to products. Most ESD can choose transparent conductive silver oil, so that the formed ESD shielding layer and the backlight combination, forming a backlight film switch.

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

1. Capacitive contact switch, as the name suggests, is to change the capacitance above the membrane to achieve the function of the membrane switch. Capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of current touch sensing technology. In key solutions, the overall appearance of the product can be improved. Capacitive sensor touch switch can penetrate more than 20mm insulation material shell (glass, plastic, etc.), accurately detect the effective touch of the finger, to ensure that the sensitivity, stability, reliability of the product will not change because of environmental conditions or change after long-term use, and has waterproof and strong anti-interference ability.

2. Membrane switch performance is very superior, so it is widely used in different industries. Capacitive touch film switch is also a kind of film switch. Capacitive inductive touch switch does not require the human body to contact the metal directly, completely eliminate safety risks. Even wearing gloves can also be used, in dry and humid weather is not affected by changes in human resistance, use more convenient. No mechanical parts, no wear, unlimited service life, reduce the future maintenance cost. The sensing section can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually glass or plastic material), making it easy to make a keyboard that is sealed to its surroundings.

What are the design trends of capacitive film switches?

1.In general, the thickness of capacitive film switches can be designed to be less than 1mm. The flat design is conducive to dust and water resistance.

2. capacitive film switch products are easy to clean, unembossed and resistant to friction. Compared with traditional mechanical switches, Capacitive Membrane Switches can do this.

3.       Color printing technology can be combined with capacitive film switches to form more colorful products. More in line with the aesthetic requirements of customers.

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