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What is the function of Capacitive Membrane Switches?

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With the progress of science and technology, more and more people begin to choose to use capacitive film switches. What is the purpose of capacitive film switch? What are the advantages of capacitive film switches?

What is the use of capacitive film switches?

How does the capacitive film switch work?

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

capacitive film switches

What is the use of capacitive film switches?

capacitive switches are electronic capacitors that measure changes in capacitance values when a conductive object, such as a finger, is near the sensing area. Changes in this value are interpreted and registered as activation of the switch. capacitive switches can be either a flexible printed circuit or a sensing pad on a rigid PCB. capacitive switches can contain many functions that are not easily performed by ordinary film or mechanical switches. capacitive switches can have strength sliders, and sensitive areas of multiple shapes, such as circles, can have different activation sensitivity levels. You can also choose to incorporate proximity sensors into capacitive switches for additional functional advantage. Since a capacitive switch is a sensor that senses through a non-conductive surface, a thicker substrate, such as safety glass or acrylic, can be used to make a very strong switch. This also provides additional gaskets for harsh environments. Very sophisticated backlighting solutions can also be achieved with capacitive switching technology.

How does the capacitive film switch work?

1. A capacitive switch is a touch-controlled electronic switch that operates by measuring changes in capacitance. It works the same way as a typical capacitive smartphone: When you touch its surface - assuming you're not wearing gloves - a small charge transfers from your body to the switch, subsequently causing a change in capacitance. The switch detects this change and responds with the appropriate command.

2. When a capacitive switch is touched, this charge interferes with the charge of the switch itself; And that causes a change in capacitance. Because of this variation, the switch can recognize when and where the touch occurred, which is basically how capacitive switches work.

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

1. Unlike mechanical switches, capacitive switches require little or no pressure. In other words, you don't have to force them. Simply placing your finger on the surface of the capacitor switch is enough to activate it. Capacitance switches work by measuring capacitance. As soon as your finger touches the capacitor switch, it changes the capacitance.

2. capacitive switch available with backlight. You can find them with electroluminescent (EL) backlights and light emitting diode (LED) backlights. capacitive switches even support light conduction. Also known as a light guide film, a light guide film is designed to distribute light from a backlight. The backlight system propagates the light generated through the light guide plate, which is then distributed to the top of the capacitor switch.

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