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Why do people choose Capacitive Membrane Switches

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If you are considering purchasing a capacitive film switch, it is important to know how it works. How does the capacitive film switch work? What are the advantages of capacitive film switches?

What is a capacitive film switch?

How does the capacitive film switch work?

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

capacitive film switch

What is a capacitive film switch?

The capacitive film switch is a touch sensitive switch that is activated when the user makes contact with the sensor. The membrane switch uses capacitive sensing technology to perform the functions of traditional membrane switches in a simple, light touch manner. Capacitive touch film switches offer great design flexibility, durability and a smooth appearance. The thin-film switch technology uses conductive carbon to print a circuit to generate an electric field. When a human finger touches a key, the increase in capacitance is recognized by the integrated circuit, which activates the output of the key.

How does the capacitive film switch work?

1. A capacitive switch is a touch-controlled electronic switch that operates by measuring changes in capacitance. It works the same way as a typical capacitive smartphone: When you touch its surface - assuming you're not wearing gloves - a small charge transfers from your body to the switch, subsequently causing a change in capacitance. The switch detects this change and responds with the appropriate command.

2. When a capacitive switch is touched, this charge interferes with the charge of the switch itself; And that causes a change in capacitance. Because of this variation, the switch can recognize when and where the touch occurred, which is basically how capacitive switches work.

What are the characteristics of capacitive film switches?

1. Free adjustment -- free adjustment of touch sensing execution time (sensitivity) according to requirements;

2. No noise pollution - because some products do not need noise pollution, such as recording studios, hospitals, etc. capacitive film switches have no shrapnel or embossing process, so there is no tactile feedback or sound.

3. Excellent waterproof performance, because the traditional mechanical keyboard is different, the traditional capacitive touch film switch can achieve IP65 or even IP67 waterproof film switch

4. Easy to clean, chemical resistant - Because most of the materials are glass or PET, with flat structure, very easy to clean. The properties of this material make it resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

5. A wide range of applications - audio panel, telephone control keyboard, instrument control panel, washing machine control panel, intelligent access control system control panel, all kinds of small household appliances (induction cooker, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven......) , covering household appliances, handheld devices, industrial control, automotive electronics, military products and so on, almost all applications are involved in the control button operation panel.

6. Longer life - Since metal domes are eliminated, there is no life limit for metal domes, it all depends on the life of the material. Because the material of capacitive contact film switch is glass, PET and PC, the service life can reach millions of times.

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