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Orca Controller PCB Membrane Switch

Orca handheld directional controller PCB membrane switch with vertical 0.5mm pitch ZIF connector soldered!
Overlay Material: Autotex-XE F150;
Circuit Layer: Double sided PCB;
Connector: 0.5mm pitch ZIF connector;
Tactile buttons with metal domes;
Rohs and Reach compliance;
  • DSC1341

  • LuphiTouch

  • 8536500090


Orca Handheld Directional Controller PCB Membrane Switch Introduction:Orca PCB Membrane Switch

The ORCADFP-HH200 is a portable direction finder and is used to assist in the location and recovery of a man overboard. Its using environment is very bad, with corrosive sea water, waith rain, with sunshine, and with salty mositure. So its reliability and stability becomes very very important. For the interface operation keypad(membrane switch), also needs very high reliabity and stability. So high reliable and stable quality PCB circuit becomes necessary for the membrane switch used on it. 

Orca Handheld Controller PCB Membbne Switch Spec.:

Overlay Material: UV-resistant Autotex-XE F150 polyester;

Spacer Adhesive: 3M;

Circuit Board: high reliability and quality stable double sided PCB;

Indicator LEDs: Kingbright high brightness top firing LEDs surface mounted on PCB front side;

PCB Membrane Switches Advantages:

Low impedance;

High reliability;

High quality stability;

Strong corrosion resistance capability;

Can assemble BOLTs and screws;

Rigid PCB can provide some supportive performance;

ORCA-DFP-HH200-4-600x600  Orca PCB Membrane Switch  Orca handheld directional contrler

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